Ceramic braces are a great, commonly-used alternative to traditional metal braces.  They are made of translucent material and are most prevalent amongst adult patients due to their cosmetic appeal.  Before electing to get ceramic braces, it is important to take some more information into account.

These can be used in place of metal brackets for a more discreet and subtle appearance.  The ceramic brackets are constructed to mimic the color of the tooth so that they only part of the braces that is clearly visible is the arch wire.  The bands used to hold the arch wire in place are typically clear or white, but colored bands may also be chosen if desired.

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Ceramic braces are more fragile than metal ones, and the elastic ties can often discolor between your visits.  They also require that you pay more attention to your oral hygiene because they are larger and more brittle than their metal counterparts.  For these reasons, it is fairly common for ceramic braces to be used more on the upper front teeth than the lower teeth.  Ceramic brackets will also cost more than standard metal ones.

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