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Invisalign over Metal Braces | Orthodontist & Braces in Orange County

Invisalign over Metal Braces

By February 11, 2021 Braces Tips

If your parents didn’t opt for getting you braces as a child, have no fear! It’s not too late! Considering the origination of Invisalign, more and more adults are discovering the beautiful smile they have always desired and with much less embarrassment in their every day lives. Those days of smiling at your third-grade crush at lunch with PB &J stuck in your braces are over.

Metal braces in general are unattractive, clunky, and overall distracting. Invisalign are as the name suggests, are practically invisible. Invisalign is a tray made of clear thermoplastic material making it hardly noticeable that you have aligners on. Any type of mouth shifting treatment can cause discomfort however, Invisalign provides less pressure. Stained teeth and red gums are also a problem when traditional braces are removed.  It’s difficult to brush and flossing around metal braces. You need to maneuver around your wires to get to the parts you can’t normally reach. With Invisalign, you can remove the tray and do what you need to do. You are also able to whiten your teeth when needed.

The list goes on and on about foods you have to avoid when you have metal braces but this is not the same for Invisalign aligners. The clear aligners can be removed while you’re eating so you don’t have to worry about what you can and cannot eat. We recommend you to avoid or limit your sugar consumption in general. However, indulging every now and then is no problem when you don’t have to think about damaging your metal brackets. Sports activity also doesn’t need to take the backseat when you have Invisalign. Playing any sport with metal braces makes it harder when of the fear of the metal scraping and cutting your mouth is looming over you. Invisalign can be taken out when playing and even with it on you don’t have to worry about anything happening to the inside of your mouth.

If the appearance of metal braces has been holding you back from a straighter smile, Invisalign could be a great option. Give our staff at Orthodontist and Braces in Orange County a call to set up your free Invisalign consultation and find out if if metal braces or Invisalign is the right option for your straighter and healthier smile.

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